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Sunday, 28 August 2011

LA & Universal Studios

Note: This is a large blog and no telling what it will do when I upload it.

I started flying home on the 17th of August 2011 from Hector Airport, Fargo, for those of you who don't know North Dakota and Perth are on exactly opposite sides of the PLANET!!. If it is DAY in Perth it is NIGHT in North Dakota. At Hector airport the 21 year old bar tender asked for my ID, YE HA, I have not been asked for 24 years, shit my beard is going grey for goodness sake.
Anyhow getting side tracked this makes it one of the LONGEST flights you could possible take either way you go around AHHHH!!. The trick is break it up a bit along the way.

On the way to the States I stopped in Fiji for 3 days and on the way back I stopped in LA for a day.

A bit of haze around
Mickey makes his money these days posing for a dollar

While in LA I took a full day tour for $125. This covers Venice Beach, Hollywood, growers markets around town and the Universal Studios.
Growers Market

Venice beach

Venice Beach
Street performers at Venice Beach

Our bus driver was quick and you had better have your camera ready!!
On the way around LA sightseeing we stopped at the farmers markets for lunch. This market was established in the 1930's during the great depression for farmers to sell their produce directly. The markets are still going today and the food was great. I had a New Orleans Craw fish Po boy and Cajun potato salad. There was more crumbs than craw fish. For the west Aussies its like a tidy upmarket freo markets.

Universal Studios

I highly recommend going to the Universal Studios as it is a fun packed full day to try everything it has to offer (I tried to do it in half a day, fail). I will definitely be taking the family here when they are big enough to go on the rides. Because you have to be this high.

 Jurassic park the ride was pretty good but be prepared to get wet. I was in the front seat and I got soaked after you drop about 75 feet straight down into a splash pool. . Not bad thing when is about 100F out.

An inside roller coaster that just about runs in total darkness inside the tomb you have no idea were you are going

The Simpson ride is a 3D simulation and well worth trying.

You see many look a like stars driving about including the Blues brothers who put on a live show which was pretty cool as well.

Guess who lives here?

"King Kong" the ride, this was the carriage before us.
 King Kong the ride has the largest 3 D projection screen in the world. Big enough for 4 of these trailers to park inside and project the scene from King Kong when he is fighting T-Rex. You even get sprayed with spit when T-Rex roars at king Kong. The whole carriage moves up and down and gives a real effect of falling and getting battered about, pretty amazing effects.
The original Delorian from Back to the future

The town square from back to the future

Well this was a nice break when flying and like I said well worth it.

I'll do a couple more blogs and that will be the great USA adventure blog finished.
This  is a flood scene from liar liar not sure if it will load


I've gone to find myself, If I get back before I arrive, Please keep me there.


  1. I'm gonna miss the postings when you run out of stories of the usa trip

    Ed Haazer

  2. Wow, they have added a lot since I was there most of the rides and such. Back in 1970 it seems like we got a quick ride around the back lot in a creaky old tram...and maybe we saw a staged shoot-out or something...then watched a taping of the "Newlyweds" show. I wouldn't mind seeing it now.
    Mat, my E-mail address is . I tried to send it to you through the "friends connect" business while I was just at Kawas blog and had no luck whatsoever. Send me an e-mail sometime, then I'll have yours. Larry

  3. Glad you enjoyed the blog about your great country.
    You dont have to miss it Ed, Larry has asked me to blog down under every now and then.

  4. Never been to LA, but looks like it would be great. Keep us posted on new developments.

  5. How about keeping us updated on your adventures back home? I really enjoyed your blog.


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