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North Dakota the least visted State in America

Note: This is a large blog and no telling what it will do when I upload it.

Apparently the title is true and this is what makes North Dakota so special. People are friendly and is far more relaxed than other states. You feel safe leaving your keys in the ignition and walking away, not that I did but some people do and most leave their cars unlocked. People here make the most of the summer months and all get out of their homes to enjoy the good weather. The rest of the year they are literally snowed in.

 While I was there a Birthday happened. Now Russell is quite a good speaker and when I was in South Dakota I happened across this plaque. Russell's house was built in 1905 and when I noticed this I thought "that ought to shut him up". What can you say about something that never happened. Well Russ and I had a good laugh and he will hang it outside his house.

These next couple of photos are riding into ND from Sturgis

A fuel stop and a stretch
 Valley City and Home to the Myrhe clan.
War memorial in the town square
 Its the end of summer and the river is still flooded right in town


 The above church is in Jamestown which is the next town along from Valley city. This is the pioneer village and had some really interesting shops.
In the Traders post I got some really nice leather belts from the North Dakota leather company. One is a money belt and can hold $1800 in a concealed pocket and looks like a normal jeans belt. I also got some hand made fingerless gloves and a new camera bag for the belt. Top quality work.

The local jail. Who let him out!!!

The Interstate heading east to Sturgis. On the ND Interstate you can sit on 75MPH or about 85mph in our case, in which you can really make a mile quickly. 

The day I arrived a few cold Corona's on a warm day went down nice.
 Russell and I have known each other a considerable time now. One of the questions we kept getting asked along the way was how we knew each other. I kept saying Internet dating as a joke but in actual truth we did meet on the Internet long before any sites like that were around (honest). We both have a common interest in Z900 motorcycles. For a brief while I had a web site up dedicated to these Kawasaki's and Russell contacted me. One thing led to another and we became long time friends. We have both watched partners come and go over the years  and both watched our family grow. When we first met for real we were both a bit apprehensive and what if we didn't get along sprang to mind. Well I need'nt of bothered we got on like a house on fire and more like brothers and shared a great experience riding the Dakota's together.
Russell's daughter's Amanda's going away BBQ

My first ride with out a helmet "Riding free" a nice feeling

A bit of sight seeing around Valley City

Pyramid hill with Viking statue, This area has a very Nordic history

Russ's driveway and our dependable steads

2nd night in Valley city awesome lightning show, I think I already put this photo up but it is a good one

Russell J Myrhe City Prosecuting Attorney and legendary ND biker.  Russell got sworn in a few Mondays ago and somehow I dont see him fit the description, can you have a motorcycle retrobate in this position?

Liz & Russ,  Liz and I  had no end of fun imitating each others 
ascents (Thank you) 

When you forget to turn your light off and the battery goes flat you can always depend upon a mate to have a camera handy, err help you fix it.

Interstate and Storm

More Storm go faster, we missed the downpour that shortly followed

Well that's a small look into North Dakota and Valley cities surrounding area, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,  though that's probably not possible unless you go there and have a beer with Russ.

Cheers Mat

I've gone to find myself, If I get back before I arrive, Please keep me there.


  1. I just wanted to add a few comments about Mat and about North Dakota. As Mat said, we got along famously, and yes, more like brothers. We talked about how it could have been that he came half a world to visit, only to find we didn't get along, but the reality was that Mat turned out to be one of the best riding companions I have ever had in 50 years of biking. As we traveled together to the Black Hills and back, every one of my friends fell in love with his easy manner, his Aussie accent (over which he got teased endlessly, but which he accepted with humor and actually teased the American accents back), and friendly demeanor. He literally did talk to virtually everyone, approaching them along the trip, and was very gregarious himself. (Don't let Mat kid you about me being "quite a good speaker", as the BS rolls quite naturally out of Mat, too.)

    It is not quite accurate that North Dakota is the least visited state in America. In fact, although we are sparcely populated, tourism is quite a large industry here. If Mat had been here longer, I would have been able to take him around to some of the really popular tourist sites and on some of the spectacular motorcycle rides. If I were the local tourism representative, I would cite that agriculture, energy development, and technology are major North Dakota industries, with tourism as the 4th largest industry.

    As it was, Mat got to see two western forts, an Indian village, a pyramid built by Indians, and a whole lot of other sights. But there were so many other places we could have gone, but just didn't have the time.

    As Mat observed, the people here are very friendly. North Dakota has a very low rate of crime, a booming economy, and a high level of overall education (although we still have a fair number of stupid people, just like any other place).

    Although I had a lot going on when Mat arrived (my house was under some construction, with a blown off roof from a storm; I had some professional issues to deal with including taking a new position as City Attorney; my daughter was leaving for law school in South Dakota; and my usual assortment of women running in and out of my life), I took as much time off as I could to spend with Mat and show him a little bit of our lifestyle up here. I took him to the local biker bar, where he met the owner; went out to eat at a good supper club; and BBQ'ed my famous spicy hotribs (or as Mat called them, "chile ribs"). When we were down in the Black Hills, I took him around and introduced him to my old biker buddies, where he got to experience a wide range of bikers.

    Finally, I want everyone to know how much I enjoyed having Mat visit. I hope he comes back, and brings his family. If Mat is an example of Aussies and Aussie bikers, I am looking forward to visiting Down Under.

  2. Is that Otis in the Mayberry jail there? Reading about your adventures has piqued my interest in someday doing something similar in that part of the country. It's nice to hear there are parts of the country where crime is low and people are friendly. Kudos to your gracious host Russell for making your stay enjoyable and relatively trouble-free. It's been a lot of fun following you at your blog here Mat.

  3. Cheers gents, I've been told I have inspired more than a couple of people to get out there and do something great with their time. This is most likely not your typical holiday but geez I have to say for me it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.
    Remember your here for a good time not a long time.

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