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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Last USA Blog and Sturgis video

This is the last blog about the USA trip. 
Note about Blogger
I have had numerous requests to keep blogging (thanks) about Australia and will. Blogger does not always let your post go through for some reason, This blog is best viewed with Google chrome. My email is if you would like to contact me about the trip

Ok I have done this as cheap as possible, it was necessity, we are a single income family and largely I have done this on credit and will pay it off  once I get back to Australia, but hey you only live once and I did not won't to do this when retired in 20 years time. I am currently 44 years old and think this was well worth every single cent, get out there and live a lot!!

So what did it cost you may ask.
1 free airfare to Sydney, Perth and back via Qantas frequent flyers points                                  $0
Airfare from Sydney to LA via Fiji( return)                                                                                $1200
Kawasaki Voyager purchase price less sale price at the end                                             $154               
Yes thats right $154 to ride 7500+ miles (12500KM) across the USA and Canada and sold on the last day
Storage fee for the bike and also part of the purchase price                                                       $300
Spending money Cash                                                                                                              $1500
Credit (fuel, food, postage home and accomadation and everything else in between)                                                        approx                                                                                                                                     $3200

However I had paid off the airfares & bike before even leaving.
The reason it did this so cheap I camped out a lot and took cheap accommodation. I also have friends and relatives along the way which helped out a lot. I also met many nice people who invited me places that was not planned and no cost.

My advice
Is to go camping!! You meet the nicest most genuine people at camp-sites. You don't meet people like this at a hotel bar or though sometimes you do, you just never know what's around the corner.

Use free WIFI its everywhere, starbucks, Mcwifi and RV parks etc , you don't have to pay.

PLANNING is everything
You need a vision of what you are doing and follow it through. I took approximately 6 months to plan my trip, route, buy the bike and look for the cheapest flights on the net etc. Make a budget and try sticking to a daily amount. I had a hard time sticking to this but managed, some days I only needed to pay for fuel. I carried camping equipment and food on the bike. Buy a Jaffle iron $10 from wallmart, you can cook all sorts of things in them.
Pick a reliable bike!!!
I also have a good friend in the US who helped me register the Kawasaki  to his name and address. This was a huge help. When it came time to leave I did not have to worry about dumping the bike somewhere unsold. I was very lucky to sell the bike to a fellow Aussie who's Harley broke down constantly on his trip. I believe the kwaka has gone all the way across Canada now and is heading down to LA at the moment with no major breakdowns.
I had mates who said they were coming tentatively, they bailed out for various reasons and now regret it I think as it was an amazing adventure. If you have mates who say they are coming they need to plan also this is very Important!, otherwise don't count on this happening. To be honest travelling by yourself makes it easy to change your travel route without any hassles among other things.

People in the US
99% of people in the US are very friendly, polite and courteous and only the odd ones here and there are out to screw you or are rude. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting all sorts but this was not the case at all. A big thumbs up for the USA!

There is no reason why you could not do this the otherway round from any country ie US to Australia, if you have friends abroad I am sure they would love to see you, help you out and share in your adventure.

I would like to thank everyone I met along the way and everyone I stayed with one last time. With out your friendship this would of been a different experience so a BIG THANKS to all!! from me.
Happy trails,

The black hills and Sturgis 2011 video

I've gone to find myself, If I get back before I arrive, Please keep me there.


  1. I particularly like what your bike "rental" fee came out to. Nice little video there, that is something I have to learn more about doing. Looking forward to seeing posts from down under. Cheers!

  2. Cheers Larry I think the whole way round you are one of the few who could actually post a comment.
    I have a ride on the 8th of October, I will take heaps of pics and post a story.
    Cheers Mat

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  4. Hey ya Mat, Hope your holidays have been fun, and Happy New Year to you and yours from 'up-over'.
    (looking forward to posts from West Australia)

  5. Hey Larry
    Cheers Mate, Its been a while since I logged onto my blog. I have actually written a new story about WA, so I just need to ujpload some photos with it and I will post it shortly.
    All the best to you.

  6. Alright mat, will be looking for those. Seems like a bunch of bloggers I know in other parts of the world are spending too much time on Facebook and neglecting their blogs...speaking of that I finally broke down and opened a Facebook page. A gal I went to high school with whose mom just passed away this last year at the age of 92 was originally from Australia. I told her about your blog. Cheers back.

  7. Hi Larry
    you'll have to send me your facebook link.

  8. Hey Mat, I hate to admit I'm still too dumb about all this social networkin' stuff....but I'm on FB as my real name Lawrence Clark (me and probably hundreds of others!) I used the pic from my blog of me and my old dog in the Honda/rig. So if you search at your site, hope you don't have to scroll too far. Got a whole 10 friends so far...Several are motorcyclist/bloggers with some cool stuff at their pages. Not too much at mine so far...too busy lately. Eventually I'll figure out how to link up blog and FB and all that. Later, Larry

  9. According to me it is the best deal for you, your bike Kawasaki Voyager run 7500 mils which is very long. You are happy to sold your in this price.


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