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Monday, 5 March 2012

Post's from down under

I've been asked numerous times to write some blogs on riding in Western Australia, well heres a post and sorry for the long time between posts.

Today's ride started early in the morning before it got to bloody hot to ride. We road out to O'Brien road a winding road were a famous Aussie racing car driver crashed and died. RIP 05 Brocky. I will post some video of the ride later.

After a sedate blast through the hills (contradictory I know but double demerit's this weekend) we stopped at a place called Toodyay. This is quite an old town with some very old pubs. We had coffees at the Coca Cola Cafe which has lots of Coke nic nac's inside. It was only 10:30 am and already over 30 degrees C
So the next stop a beer was in order.
the end of the main street at Toodyay Pronounced Too-Jay
Mike at the Coke Cafe

My Brother in law at the Coke Cafe. '

A popular spot to ride to in Western Australia
We then headed the back way through to Chittering Valley which is a pleasant ride and stopped at Elmar's in the Swan Valley which is a German pub about 80 KM's away from Toodyay. Unfortunately is was too expensive for lunch @$42 for sausages WTF!!! It did have good beer though which was also Exy at $12 a pint!! Worst of all the service was poor. For the US readers there is no tipping over here as they get a reasonable wage to start with. Consequently good service is lacking in WA at some spots this being one of them. So we headed on to the Highwycombe pub and had the good old Steak Sandwich or Steak Sanga as we call it. Much better value. My Brother in-law had the Beer battered fish & chips as he's a Vejo mungbean and doesn't eat meat. Mike got the best value having a Chicken  Parmer with a pint of Squires for only $15. The service and  food was excellant.

Steak Sanga at the Highwycombe Pub

Anyhow after lunch it was well over 37 Degrees So after our ice cold beers we went our separate ways and headed home.

Its still bloody hot BTW, thank goodness for air conditioning.
Cheers Mat

I've gone to find myself, If I get back before I arrive, Please keep me there.

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  1. That Steak 'Sanga' and fries look good! Good to see you are back and blogging WA, for us foreigners. Looks like you are having fun. Holy Kaw! Just converted 37 celsius on my phone to see that it is 98.6 Fahrenheit! Heat wave. It's only 20 c here at 2:30 in the afternoon. I'll check back for that video. Cheers.


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